Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Willfully annoying

So for whatever reason I find myself blogging about professional writing class basically every week. At least I'm getting my exorbitant tuition money's worth out of one class; something I can't say for the rest.

I find it rather amusing how the students have distributed themselves around the room. Starting to the left of Mel (the teacher; for those of you who don't know) the students seem to be grouped by similar personality type. The tables are arranged in a horseshoe shape; each student sits on the outside and Mel has the floor inside. On the left of the room (from Mel's perspective) there are the go-getters. The students who took him up on substitute teaching job offers or are published on multiple websites; those who have established themselves as either personalities or high achievers (or both) within the class.

From there it's the mysterious group; the 4-5 students who sit with their backs to the door, facing Mel. Their attendance is good and their contribution to the class is enjoyable;  their personality type would best be described as sensitive, introspective perhaps. Mel enjoys poking fun at everyone in the class, but he seems to favor this group most of all; perhaps because he wishes to crack their shells a little. 

Round the curve and you have my side of the room; the skeptics, (possibly) scatter-brained, and silent ones. This group listens and participates, has comebacks, and makes comments, but it's  the most consistently late or absent (without prior notice) group. 

The funniest thing about this is that at the outset of the semester I was on the left side. I turned my assignments in early; I was enthusiastic and on top of my game. The one day I showed up late was the day that decided I would ever after sit on the right side of the room; through a chain reaction of unforeseeable and unfortunate events, I became discouraged into getting by rather than blazing onward. I faded into a haze of disillusionment and perhaps those who sit around me did too; maybe I'm just searching for commiseration where it doesn't exist.

Still though; class is enjoying. Or at least provides a veritable feast in terms of food for thought; which is all I could ask for.