Monday, September 7, 2009

Snapshot of my Brain

And now for a snapshot of my brain as of Sept. 7, 2009, 9:38 p.m. (written from the yearbook office...yes I'm in my office this late....on Labor Day)

-Had to lead a desk meeting alone for the first time ever. Bribed my writers with cookies so they'd show up...probably would've taken it personally if they didn't. Can't shake the feeling I went about it all wrong. Am not used to being in a leadership position at all. General feelings of unease and paranoia.

-Went hiking through Wichita Mountain Wildlife Reserve/Park in Lawton OK today. Climbing giant, precariously-high boulders with my family never gets old. Probably never will. It's that nice blend of rugged outdoorsy-ness, nerve-grating roadtrip-with-the-family experience, danger, and authentic fun that leaves you feeling like you've got a good story and an interesting life. General feelings of accomplishment, pride in my family, and satisfaction

-Topics for yearbook to cover that I'm actually enthusiastic about: an OU student who does commercial fishing in the Bering Sea every summer...makes $36,000...sounds like a Deadliest Catch kind of part? It's a girl. Also a frat boy who lost of chunk of his arm to a shark over the summer....during Discovery Channel's SharkWeek. Oh the delightful irony. General feelings of intrigue.

-Tomorrow a photographer and I take a media tour of the OU Stadium to view recently-renovated stuff. Sounds all professional and legit. I'm kind of excited I guess. General feelings of "am I really the right person for this?"

-Following the Mountain excursion my family and I dined at Cracker Barrel. I devoured 2 1/2 biscuits, roughly a tablespoon of butter, mac n cheese, roast beef, hash brown casserole and green beans. Sum total of fat, calories, and carbs probably enough to send the average 50-yr-old into cardiac arrest. General feelings of self-consciousness and "I should probably get the gym soon".

-Just glanced at the clock, it's almost 10 pm and I'm in the office. What's wrong with this picture. Just perused the Bravo Bucket. Not a single "drop" of gratitude addressed to me. What else is wrong with this picture. General feelings of disgust, frustration, and being under-appreciated....resisting the urge to check and see if I've been paid, knowing this will further my wrath.

-Deep breath. Think of things I'm grateful for. Decide to quit blogging and get away from this rectangular nightmare of macs, paper, and ingratitude (aka the yearbook office)



  1. Wow. Your life sounds way more interesting than mine! Today, I took two naps and made chili. That's it. That's all I did. I'm a loser.
    It sounds like the yearbook is coming together nicely with some cool features, and the media tour sounds neato. I have faith you'll get the hang of the leadership thing, and you'll have your foot up writers' asses in no time.
    Anyway, I've enjoyed your blog writing so far. Keep your head up, kid, because I have a feeling you're doing great (generally, of course), and after all, I'm dropping a note in your virtual Bravo Bucket so that has to count for something... Right?